Sunday, May 6, 2018


“Giuliani’s MEK Pandering and Trump’s Iran Obsession” (March 5, 2018)

Dear President Trump,

In 1979, Islamism was installed in Iran to further the Globalist agenda—the agenda that you campaigned against and won… historically, culturally, politically, and socially, Islamism is anti-Iranian… therefore, it is with grave concern and a heavy heart that we hope you do not support a regime change in Iran that involves an Islamo-Marxist cult, known as the MKO, MEK, or PMOI… given Iran's historical contributions to setting up and managing a government, please support an "Iranian" alternative chosen by the Iranian people for the Iranian people...

It is troubling to see that Rudy Giuliani—and others such as some NeoCons (“Never Trump” faction of the Republican wing)—continue to push MEK’s agenda as a replacement for the vile and anti-Iranian regime in Tehran… what has become clear in recent years is that many NeoCons of Republican party work with the NeoLibs of Democrat party as a “uniparty” (military industrial complex) to further perpetual, never-ending, never-winning conflicts and wars through Marxism/Islamism to the detriment of the American people and other nations… my 2017 doctoral dissertation ( showing how college textbooks omit Iran and Iranians from history is but a small glimpse at the methods used by the military industrial complex to achieve their globalist agenda... it's an oxymoron to be sympathetic and supportive to the history and culture of Iran and Iranians while advocating a group such as MKO/MEK/PMOI for their freedom from the current Islamism and Islamic Constitution...

Please see my 2011 article on the subject matter … “The People’s Mojahedin of Iran is not who the Iranian people have been waiting for” (March 1, 2011)

Oh Lord of Wisdom, we stand with Light to defeat Darkness!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

In connection with below-linked article Farrokh & Vasseghi (2017) on the 20th century “invented term”—the Middle East—one may refer to a declassified, internal memo by the CIA’s Office of Basic and Geographic Intelligence (OBGI) to Deputy Director for Intelligence dated February 26, 1973 (the “CIA Memo”), in which the author, whose identity is redacted, noted his “strong aversion” to the use of the term “the Middle East.”

In the CIA Memo, the author claimed that the CIA tends to be “alert and responsive to official changes in the names of individual political entities.”  However, when it comes to geographic terms, the CIA adheres “to usages that are imprecise, egocentric, and anachronistic.”  One of the common ways in which the CIA ignores precise geographical names is by “the use of longitudinal compass directions as nouns” (emphasis in original).

According to the CIA Memo, terms such as “the Middle East” are, and always were, imprecise and egocentric given they reflect “the world as viewed from London and western Europe.”  The author is alarmed at how widespread the usage of these imprecise terms among the intellectual circles were, including as part of titles for respected publications such as The Middle East Journal

The author of the CIA Memo is concerned with how those in the field of intelligence defend the use of imprecise geographic terms by arguing that everyone knows to what location one is referring when, for example, one says, “the Middle East,” so why worry about it.  Further, correcting such terms may cause confusion and inconvenience!  The author responded to these officers by reminding them that as responsible leaders in the intelligence community, they “should always strive to be practitioners of precision” in written materials.

As examples of changing how these officers think and write, the author of the CIA Memo encouraged them to substitute imprecise terms for accurate ones as listed in the chart below:

            Imprecise and Improper Terms      Accurate and Refined Terms

            the Far East                                                   East Asia

            the Middle East deadlock                           the Arab-Israeli deadlock

            the industrial West                                      the non-Communist industrial nations

            the Near East                                                the Eastern Mediterranean

            the Middle East                                            the Persian Gulf states


Central Intelligence Agency. (1973, February 26). Toward improved precision in regional terminology (Approved for Release 2003/03/28: CIA-RPD80T01497R000100080031-9). McLean, VA: CIA Library.

Farrokh, K., & Vasseghi, S. (2017). The “Middle East”: An Invented Term from the 20th Century. Persian Heritage, 88, 12-14.  Retrieved from

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

“It was very early in life that Napoleon secluded himself as it were from other men, and became impressed with the lofty objects to which he appeared to be destined”…shortly after entering Milan, Napoleon declared “There is a finer throne than that vacant…There are two tottering thrones which I am about to prop up…those of Constantinople and Persia”…his expedition to Acre in 1799 was to conquer the Ottoman Empire… hence, he claimed “There has been nothing to be done in Europe for two hundred years…it is in the east only that great things are to be done”…all of Napoleon’s power consolidation in Europe was to ultimately lead him to the conquest of his two favorite Eastern thrones… Napoleon wanted to “follow in the footsteps of Cyrus and Alexander”…

~ excerpts from Scottish lawyer and historian Sir Archibald Alison, 1st Baronet, in his 1841 book on history of Europe beginning with the French Revolution…

[pic Art Collector: Siege of Acre - Jezzar Pasha - Napoleon Bonaparte - Original typogravure by Boussod & amp; Valadon. 1890 … for educational purposes only]